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Bosch D-tect 120 Wall and Floor Detection Scanner

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Bosch D-tect 120 Wall and Floor Detection Scanner
The most convenient universal detector for reliable detection of all materials including plastic
-Innovative center finder technology gives direction indication for precise location of object center
-Spot measurement enables you to perform measurement with great ease
-Reliable detection of all objects with an easy user interface featuring 3 mode buttons
-Dual power source compatible with 10.8V Li-ion battery pack or alkaline batteries for extra flexibility
-Intuitive use and easily comprehensible results due to "traffic light" LED warning
-Reliable detection of deep lying objects up to 120mm deep
-Single frequency radar technology for reliable detection performance on all kinds of materials
-Requires no calibration
Detectable materials:
Ferrous metals, non-ferrous mentals, live cables, wooden objects and water-filled plastic pipes
Max. measurement depth: 120.0  mm
Detection depth, steel, max.: 120.0  mm
Detection depth, copper, max.: 120.0  mm
1 Year Bosch Parts and Service Warranty