Bosch 2607017473 Router Bit Set 1/4" Shank (15pcs)

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Bosch Professional 15-Piece Milling Cutter Set for Wood for Router with 1/4 Inch Shank

The Router Bit Set offers fine cuts for a variety of applications, making it the perfect choice for woodworkers such as joiners, carpenters, interior installers and construction workers. The carbide cutting edges of the bits ensure a long lifetime, while routing a variety of profiles in many different materials is possible thanks to the various cutting geometries. Furthermore, they are manufactured according to the safety standards of DIN EN-847. The router bits are intended for use in soft wood, hard wood and wood composites.

The Router Bit Set features a special Easy-Pick design of the inlay, allowing the bits to be taken out quickly and safely by the shank. It comes in an exclusive and highly robust case that firmly and securely holds bits, offering perfect protection for its contents for safe storage and transport. It features a transparent cover for visibility of the content.

The Mixed Router Bit Set, 15-Pieces is a comprehensive starter set consisting of a classical router bit selection and additional spare parts such as a hex key and three ball bearings.

  • 1/4" Shank
  • 15pcs
  • Part No: 2 607 017 473
  • 15 piece cutter set for fine work in soft and hard wood and wood composites.
  • Perfect choice for all carpenters, carpenters, interior decorators and other builders
  • Long service life due to carbide cutting edges and manufactured according to safety standards DIN EN-847