Makita DVP180Z 18V Cordless Vacuum Pump (LXT-Series) [Bare Tool]

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  • ₱15,000.00

  • Cordless vacuum pump for air purge during installation of room air conditioner
  • Removes all air from refrigerant tubing to create a vacuum environment before the tubing is charged with refrigerant gas
  • Long run time of 50 minutes with a fully charged BL1850B
  • Compression type: Oil rotary type (vane type), Single stage
  • Easy to carry with a compact and lightweight body
  • Built-in metal mesh filter prevents vacuum pump oil from scattering from exhaust port
  • Drain port with valve allows for easy change of vacuum oil pump
  • Valve prevents securely oil back flow
  • Convenient in places where AC outlet is not available

Bare Tool - Battery and charger not included

Flow rate 50 L/min
Ultimate vacuum 20 Pa (150 microns)
Motor speed 3,840 minˉ¹
Oil Tank Capacity 115 mL
Inlet port 5/16″
Dimensions (L x W x H) 265x93x175 mm (10-3/8″x3-5/8″x6-7/8″)
Net weight 3.5 kg


Net weight: With BL1830/ BL1840/ BL1850 and Oil

Note: Not compatible with 2.0Ah, 1.5Ah batteries